WiFi Marketing – It’s Big Money

So, you’ve set up your own coffee shop – congratulations! There’s nothing like the thrill of running your own business, and you’re out there doing it, so give yourself a massive pat on the back.

But hey you know it’s tough out there already, don’t you?

In fact, more and more coffee shops are springing up across the country – nearly 25,000 at the last count.

Standing out from the crowd

And that number is only going to get bigger in the years ahead – so, staying positive for a second here, that means it’s a growing market, right?

You bet!

But guess what? More players means more competition and that means you have to work even harder if you want to stand out.

And we’re not just talking about serving up fantastic coffee – though we know you’ve got that covered.

Or even those great sandwiches and those to-die-for brownies.

The reality is that food and drink alone isn’t going to cut it – you know you’ve got to create an experience too.

So how about Free Wifi for your customers?

If WiFi marketing is not on your menu then you are leaving money on the table.

Maybe you’re thinking that it’s too much hassle, and all those passwords to fill in, and all that data – you’re probably worried about where it’s going, right?

Ok, so this is where we come in. We’ve created AdCard – a simple system (a lot simpler than becoming a barista, we don’t mind telling you), that can get your customers logged on to your Free WiFi in five simple swipes – and all without giving any of their personal data.

Yes, that’s right – they don’t have to hand over any private stuff, (and let’s face it we know they can’t be doing with being marketed to).

So what happens, instead?

Why AdCard is a better way to connect your customers to your Free Wifi

With AdCard – YOU can get your messages to your customers as they log on to your Free WiFi – it’s highly targeted because they’re there in front of you. And highly personal to them, too.

You can tell them about today’s special deals if you want to, or about the charity you’re supporting, or even the author talk happening at your local library (if that’s your thing).

And you can buddy up with your neighbouring businesses too and ‘swap’ AdCards – a bit like the old football stickers. So if the baker down the road is making great bread, use an AdCard to tell people about it, and he may well even return the favour.

AdCard is targeted to your customers and great for collaborating too!

We really hope so because we love to see independent businesses collaborating, and we think AdCard can be a really powerful tool for helping that.

We’ve designed AdCard so that it’s easy to install and easy to use.

Don’t have Free WiFi yet? Guess what? We know some great people who can help you with that too .

So why not sign up for an AdCard demo and see what you think.