Say Hi to AdCard – the simple WiFi Marketing solution with a big idea

Say Hi to AdCard – the simple WiFi Marketing solution with a big idea

Do you remember the thrill you first felt using WiFi technology and social in your business? The instant access and convenience guest WiFi services gave your customers; the way you could harness it to market your enterprise and enrich your livelihood?

No-one denies the power of connectivity WiFi marketing has given us. No-one doubts how social has changed the world.

And as a small business owner, you know that access to hospitality WiFi is as critical to your success as your front of house service.

Your customers are not just eating and drinking under your roof – they are shopping, they are searching, and they are sharing.

There is no going back.

But when tech giants mined our information to swell their coffers (and avoid their taxes), to dictate our purchases and our politics – didn’t you feel used and commoditised? And didn’t you hate doing that to your customers, too?

WiFi marketing doesn’t have to be that way.

AdCard puts you back in charge of your WiFi Marketing

AdCard is a simple WiFi marketing solution with a big idea – letting you engage with your customers in real time without harvesting their data.

It’s easy to install, easy to connect, and easy to manage.

With a few simple clicks your customers can access the internet and you can engage with them on site to ensure that they are getting the most from their time with you, all without asking them to give away any of their information.

Yes, you can use it to promote your menus and your special offers.  But AdCard gives you so much more.

Bringing bartering into the modern age - how AdCard helps you support your local community and neighbouring businesses

We know that profits aren’t the sole motive for independent minded businesses like yours.

We get that having a social and community purpose is a big part of your ‘why’.

And that’s why AdCard lets you collaborate with your neighbouring businesses – helping each other to get ahead by bringing bartering into the modern age.

Using AdCard you can negotiate deals with your suppliers in exchange for an advertising spot via one of your AdCard slides or pair up with other businesses on the platform and advertise through each other’s.

If you operate on more than one site, you can use reciprocal adverts to easily promote your other venues.

Everybody wins.

Not all WiFi marketing solutions are the same

We’ve all seen and heard enough about data breaches to know how precious our information is, and GDPR has made all of us aware of our responsibilities as business owners to safeguard our customer data.

Our user-friendly platform allows you to easily measure visit frequency, monitor customer dwell times – but without compromising your customers’ right to privacy.

No push notifications, no long-winded sign ups, no data harvesting.

That’s not who we are.

If you want greater connections with your customers in keeping with your conscience and your social purpose as a business, then get in touch and see how AdCard can help you.

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